Saturday 16 May 2015

South African comedy is rising

South African comedians are now performing on a daily basis, at various comedy clubs and theaters. They have become a lot more open minded to entertainment, through the use of stand-up comedy.

From left: Donavan Goliath, LoyisoMadinga, Karmen Naidoo, Rachel M. Neary, Zakkiya, and Snooze

For many years, the county’s most popular form of comedic humour was the Leon Schuster movies.With just over 20 years of the new South Africa, comedy has witnessed a new era. Since one of the county's most talented comedians, Trevor Noah has joined Comedy Central's The Daily Show, the stand up comedy scene has blown up- Now having a country that is more open and accepting to humour.

Comedy has become a big industry, with some of the best shows taking place at even the smallest of venues. There are a number of well known, talented South African comedians like; Trevor Noah, Loyiso Gola, David Kau and MphoPopps. The country is yet to be blown away with up and coming comedians like MbeuKambuwa, who goes by the name of Snooze and EbenhaezerDibakwane.  All these comedians have their own unique personality and style, which captures their audiences.

 With a country that is so diverse with its people and their different cultures, along with our fascinating history, it is no surprise as to how these comedians come up with their remarkably entertaining material. Each comedian prepares their acts with different stories that they gather from various factors, such as our country's dramatic political dilemmas, celebrities who make unpredictable decisions or the crazy family member who everyone can relate to. Each act allows for the comedian to express themselves in their own distinctive style.

In order for one to have their own South African comedy experience, they can find acts being performed at various comedy clubs, restaurants, bars and theaters.


Ebenhaezer is a very energetic, abstract and quirky comedian. Starting to entertain at an early age sparked an interest as to what may evoke emotion from comedy. When he performs, one of he’s main concerns is the way his audience perceives him.

Ebenhaezer sees the future of comedy as a more open and accepting form of entertainment, with having a wider crowd. “In 10 years, I imagine performing at six different gigs on the same night… We’ll have a comedic channel and comedy will be a real industry in our country”, says Ebenhaezer.

Trevor Noah has opened many doors for comedians in the country, since he has little less experience than other international stars, like Kevin Hart and Katt Williams. This has given comedians motivation to continue.


Ebenhaezer can be found performing at Kitcheners on Tuesdays at 19h30, at Parker's Comedy and Jive on the 21st May at 20h00, and at Poppy’s on the 7th June.

When it comes to comic delivery, Snooze is one of the new, up and coming comedians who has grabbed majority of the audiences' votes. He's clear, interesting, confident, and funny. He knows how to tell a good story, through the use of his Malawian heritage.

Realising he's talent from entertaining friends and family, Snoozegets his motivation through the laughter and acknowledgement from he's audience. He finds it motivating to encourage he's audience and states, “what you believe in is real, and everyone has dreams. So when they see you do your thing, they then tell themselves 'I can go out and do this and that' without doubtin their minds". The confidence, humour and wardrobe in he's performances, grabs the audience's attentionand keeps them wanting more. Snooze provided a link to one of he’s performances, at Parkers Comedy

As much as the audience gets a thrill out of each performance, the comedians themselves have goals to achieve and memories from each experience. 


Comedians portray a lot of self confidence when they go up on stage and perform. When going to a good comedy show, with talented comedians, it is rare to find one that lacks confidence in their performance.  Snooze states that "one needs to have a dialogue within themselves in order to not give in to fear". In order to be one of the best comedians it is essential to put aside your fears and focus on your actual goal.  "Some of the best comics I know, are not the most confident people, but when they plan their material and tell themselves they going to do something, they the ones that have that drive to get up on stage and say 'I'll see this thing through'and they the ones that blaze".

As he grabs pen to paper to create exciting new material, Snooze can be found performing at Kitcheners on Tuesdays at 19h30, News Cafe Northriding on the 28th May at 19h30, and the Savanna Comics Choice Awards on the 30th May.

Thanks to the country's historical past and integrated present, comedy in South Africa is yet to take over, and rise to an international level, with its amazingly talented performers.

Friday 17 April 2015

Lusito Land Festival

Lusito Land is one of the most common, crowd pleasing family festivals in Johannesburg. It returns with some of the country’s finest musicians and bands, along with the experience of Portuguese tradition and culture. The festival runs from 24 April- 3 May 2015, at Wemmer Pan, Pioneer Park in La Rochelle, south of the city.
This Portuguese festival has been around since the early 1980s, and although its main focus was on the cuisine and traditions of Portuguese families, it has evolved and includes many other cultures and traditions. The Portuguese traditions remain, making numerous people return each year for their delicious foods and refreshing cocktails like; the prego roll and caipirinhas.
Pebble Bond lets us know why she going back this year…
The festival caters to all age groups- with various game rides, restaurants, pubs, street cafés, stalls etc., offering everything from peri- peri chicken to beers and donuts. This festival has a fun fair feel to it, and gets lots of kids and young teen’s attention. There are local bands that perform like, Micasa Music and Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels.  
Lindz dlamini will be attending the festival for the first time this year...
The festival is priced at R80 for teens/ adults, R50 for children from 6- 12 years and senior citizens. There is also access to safe and secure parking at allocated areas.
With over 100 000 people attending each year, many families and students are looking forward to what the festival has to offer before the peak of winter strikes. Gates open at 10h00 on Friday 24 April.

Monday 13 April 2015

Eskom to implement Stage 2 load shedding

Eskom asks customers to cut down on the consumption of electricity by switching off geysers and all non- essential appliances, to reduce electricity demand. Several units are currently out of service due to planned and unplanned outages, resulting in a shortage of generation capacity.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Bittersweet, One Direction

British boy band, One Direction, performed in South Africa for the first time this past weekend. Been given the opportunity to work as an usher at the concert on both nights, I experienced overwhelming reactions of the audience firsthand. 
As the crowd built up, I barely recognised the band members, but I was aware that they one of the world’s most popular. The anticipation and excitement that came from the crowd was all new to me - I had little knowledge of what I would be dealing with. The fans painted their faces, made banners and bought gifts to get the attention of their idols.
The performance went on and the fans displayed their excitement by crying, screaming, throwing items, and fainting. Although the job had us on our toes, it was worth every minute. Seeing the joy and excitement in the fans faces made me feel the connection they felt towards the band. The band interacted with the crowd and the sound of their voices made the stadium a lot more warm and loving.
One Direction will perform their last South African concert in Cape Town tonight, then they head off to Dubai.

Thursday 19 March 2015

A feel of the wild life

Waking up at the crack of dawn, on Saturday morning, I couldn’t hold back my excitement as I waited for my cousins’ Byron and Britney to pick me up. After months of planning, we were finally going to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve.
Growing up on a farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal, I can’t help but be a huge animal lover. I find excitement in seeing and interacting with animals, even if it’s seeing the same animals numerous amounts of times.
As we drove to the reserve, situated in Krugersdorp, we expected to see numerous cubs, which would tackle us on the ground, and leave us with torn clothes and scratches. We each paid R130 to enter the reserve, and drove towards the cubs with amazing scenery and animals like: impalas, buffalos, zebras, warthogs etc.
When we got to the animal crèche, we had to wash our hands at the wash basin provided, then moved on to paying for our interactions with the cubs. They charge R30 per person, for each animal encounter and there were three: the white lion, white tiger and the cheetah.
There was one lion cub and it was 6 months old- where as we expected more cubs which were weeks old, so we could have a proper interaction with them. The cub we saw wasn’t in the mood of people that morning. He slept as we tried to interact with him…

Disappointed with our interaction, we moved onto the white tiger- who was a lot more alert. She scared us a little as we were told “don’t give her eye contact”, by the staff member who accompanied us. She chose to move around more and look at us, and even turned over for a belly rub…
Our final interaction at the crèche was with the cheetah. It behaved so well, as it gave us an opportunity to touch it with ease. I felt very comfortable with my interaction as I was less intimidated. The staff was friendly, and told us that there were more cubs but they were 4 weeks old, and can only interact with the public from 7 weeks onwards.                                    
My cousin Britney provided a brief insight on her experience with the animals…
The reserve has three restaurants, which are located at various locations around the reserve. These include: The Boma Restaurant, the restaurant at the Children’s Play Park, and The Neck & Deck.
We went to two of these restaurants and had a pleasant experience. The Boma Restaurant includes a kiosk for on-the-go refreshments, as well as a seating area. We took a seat and enjoyed a chilled ice- cream, as we stunk in the heat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. On our way out, we stopped at The Neck & Deck where you can sit and have a meal, or interact with the giraffes. As you walk in you welcomed by the friendly staff, who lead you up to the deck, where you have an amazing view and encounter with the tamed giraffes. You pay R20 for a bucket of food, and you can feed the giraffes- This was such a great way to end my visit, as I find giraffes to be such amazing, beautiful animals.
Our overall experience was wonderful, we had a fun day. With this, we have been gathering a group of friends to join us on our next visit- since the new cubs will be placed in their new location, next month.